Best 2 Tray Tackle Box | A Review of the Top 3 To Buy

A Tackle Box is a box specifically designed to contain your fishing tackle. A 2 tray tackle box is a box with 2 separate compartments (or trays), enabling you to easily organise your tackle or even separate tackle for different species.

When deciding which two tray tackle box is best for you, you’re going to want to consider size, the number of compartments, it’s weight and material. Tackle boxes come in a range of sizes with both hard and soft shells. Hard boxes are generally tougher and weather resistant, soft boxes on the other hand are usually lighter to carry.

In this article, we present to you the best 2 Tray Tackle Boxes on Amazon.

#3 – Outdoors 2 Tray Tackle Box by Flambeau

2 Tray Tackle Box
  • Drawtite Latch
  • Tip-Guard Tray Supports
  • Worm Proof Materials
  • Up to 27 compartments

This Flambeau tackle box is one of the most hardwearing and well built boxes available on Amazon. This box features 2 oversized trays with up to 27 compartments. Despite being big enough to comfortably carry all of your tackle, it weighs a surprisingly modest 2.4lbs.

The all weather box features a tongue and groove constructed rim, a folding handle and Flambeau’s own Drawtight latch. The materials used to construct the box are strong, durable and worm resistant.

This is the most expensive box of our top 3, however still represents an excellent value for money purchase, obtaining great reviews from Amazon buyers.

#2 – 2 Tray Tackle Box by Ready 2 Fish

Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box - 2 Tray
  • Two tray (132 pieces of assorted tackle)
  • These traditional Ready to Fish tackle boxes are just what you need to carry your tackle
  • Made by Plano, it features one or more trays and comes with jigs, hooks, and sinkers
  • A fishing guide is also included with handy tips for the beginner or novice

The Ready 2 Fish 2 tray tackle box is a traditional fishing tackle box, designed to hold multiple species of tackle. In addition to the 2 tray box, there are 136 essential fishing pieces included within the kid; this includes floats, swivels, weights, swirltail grubs and worms, jig heads, hooks and more.

If you’re new to fishing, this kit includes absolutely everything you’ll need to get started at a very reasonable price. In short, this sturdy box is an excellent purchase for anyone who is just getting started in fishing and will save you a lot of money in comparison to buying everything separately.

Overall, this Ready 2 Fish tackle box is a fantastic value for money purchase.

#1 – 2-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access by Plano Molding

Plano 2-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access, Blue Metallic/Off White
  • Fixed compartments for storage
  • High quality product
  • Two Cantilever Trays with 14 to 25 Compartments
  • Brass Bailed Latch
  • Two Top Access Storage Areas

At #1 spot is Plano Molding’s 2 Tray Tackle Box. This extremely modestly priced tackle box is perfect for the young, beginner or occasional angler and is the best ‘bang for your buck’ tackle box available on Amazon. Available in both blue and pink colorways, this would make a perfect gift for boys and girls who are just entering the world of fishing.

Despite being one of the most affordable 2 Tray Tackle boxes on the market, this Plano Molding box is made in the USA using top quality materials and is fully tested for durability. The brass latch ensures that the lid is tightly secured and all of your goods stay tightly in place. The box has two cantilever trays with up to 25 compartments and a collapsible handle, which is extremely comfortable to carry.

In short, this is a fantastic entry level tackle box backed up by dozens of positive buyer reviews and concludes this 2 tray tackle box review.