Best Electric Ice Augers | Top 3 Reviewed

An auger enables you to chisel holes through ice, enabling you to fish on frozen rivers, lakes and reservoirs. If you’re a serious ice fisherman, then you’re probably going to be attracted by electric ice augers. In an era when successful ice fishing revolves around mobility, an electric ice auger will enable you to electronically drill holes quickly and effortlessly. This enables you to rapidly move to different areas where fish are active.

When shopping for one, you’re going to want to consider it’s power, the diameter of holes it drills and it’s weight. Lightweight ice augers are ideal if you’re planning to be extremely mobile throughout the day.

The great thing about them is that in this day and age, a fantastic lightweight auger doesn’t have to break the bank. Below, we review Amazon’s 3 best electric ice augers.

#3 – Sting Ray 33cc with 8-Inch Quantum Ice Auger by Eskimo

Eskimo S33Q8 Sting Ray 33cc with 8-Inch Quantum Ice Auger
  • 8 inch diameter auger
  • 42 inch auger length
  • 49: 1 gear ratio
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Blade Protector included

Eskimo’s Sting Ray is possibly the best value electronic auger on available. This is a lightweight 8 inch auger that has all of the functionality that you’d expect from a top end product, minus the price tag.

This auger is strong, rugged and dependable. The handle bars do a great job of absorbing vibration, while the throttle is controlled by your fingertips. The 2-cycle 33CC Viper Engine is super reliable and starts even in the coldest temperatures. The mitten-grip recoil enables you to restart the engine without the trouble of removing your gloves. The gas tank is transparent, enabling you to easily notice how much has been used.

This auger has dozens of positive reviews, with many customers reporting that it drills through 12 inches of ice in a matter of seconds. The Sting Ray comes with a blade protector and manufacturer warranty.

#2 – Quantum 43cc Power Ice Fishing Auger by Eskimo

Eskimo M43Q10 Mako 43cc with 10-Inch Quantum Ice Auger
  • 10 inch diameter auger
  • 42 inch auger length
  • 30: 1 gear ratio
  • Foam-grip handlebars with fingertip throttle control
  • High-performance, 8000 rpm Viper engine

At #2 is another electronic auger from the super reliable Eskimo brand. The Quantum 43cc has all of the features that the previously reviewed String Ray has, with the extra performance of an 8000 RMP Viper Engine. In addition to the engine upgrade, the Quantum comes with a primer button for quick starting and dual Quantum Blades that are easily replaceable.

Unlike it’s predecessor, the Quantum comes in both 8 and 10 inch options.

While the Sting Ray 33 is slightly cheaper, we feel it’s worth spending that little bit more on the Quantum and that’s why it takes position #2.

#1 40V Max Electric 8 Inch Ice Auger with Reverse by ION

ION 19150 40V 3 amp-hour Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger, with Reverse
  • Lightweight and easy to carry at only 21 pounds
  • Wide-spaced handlebar design and larger trigger button allow for comfort and ease of operation
  • The steel constructed auger will drill 8 inch diameter holes
  • Auger length is 34 inches, or 46 inches with included 12 inch extension
  • Battery charger included

At #1 is the ION 40V 8 Inch Auger. It’s not typical for us to place the most expensive of our chosen products at #1 spot; but at the time of writing this auger has great reviews on Amazon – making it simply untouchable.

To sum up, the ION delivers perfect performance. Unlike other augers, it runs on lithium ion technology, which means there’s no gas or oil – you simply charge your auger before you set out. On a single charge, the ION can drill up to 40 holes through 2 feet of ice.

At only 21 lbs in weight, this auger is also super light, making mobility easily. The length can be set at either 34 or 46 inches, should you choose to use the 12 inch extension.

Despite it’s light weight, this auger is also extremely powerful; while it’s ‘reverse’ feature also cleans the hole after it has been drilled.

To summarise, if you can afford to spend the extra, we highly recommend you grab the ION 40V Max and hope that this electric ice auger review was helpful.